We will now go from a list of quite a few things to only a short list this time around. That’s the way it goes sometimes.


For those of you who might have overlooked my message after the news was announced about there being two separate reissues being done for the Imagination album from Gladys Knight & The Pips from Funkytown Grooves and BBR (respectively), I got a hold of BBR and a representative over there told me that BBR is in no way affiliated with Funkytown Grooves and that BBR’s version is a separate release of their own. I noticed somewhere (Amazon U.K., perhaps?) that the bonus tracks appeared to be identical to the one from Funkytown Grooves. I am taking their word that it’s a separate mastering from the version being released by Funkytown Grooves.  We’ll see.

-The upcoming box set for Mike Bloomfield with the tentative title of From His Head To His Heart To His Hands has now been bumped to January 2014. (Hoffman Forum)

-I learned, via Facebook, that EMI is releasing a new Robin Trower title called State To State: Live Across America 1974-1980. It is a 2-CD set which has a September 23 date listed at Facebook and October 1 for the domestic U.S. Amazon.


-The old Tracks box set from Bruce Springsteen is getting reissued in a DVD-sized box according to Uncut Magazine out of the U.K. It is slated for September 30. There has been some confusion over the wording of what was written at Uncut’s site. They were claiming that the set is re-mixed and remastered. Cuts off the box set were already doctored up by Springsteen from many of the ones we used to hear on the bootlegs we all grew up on. Discussions over at the Hoffman Forum indicate that it is very likely that this is just a straight reissue.  What seems the most odd news about this particular release is word from Uncut that this title has been out of print for five years. I can’t recall ever reading that this went out of print to begin with.


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