The people who make up Keane, the British alternative band that released the best-selling Hopes and Fears back in 2004, have bucked a guitar-centric style in favor of a more piano-driven one.  What this did was to differentiate them from many of the other bands out there.  Even better, Hopes and Fears generated a strong track in “Somewhere Only We Know”.  But in the band’s native UK, there were more than that one track that charted.

“Somewhere Only We Know” was followed by the issue of “Everybody’s Changing”, “Bedshaped”, and “This Is The Last Time”.  The band’s debut sold so well, there was even an SACD version of Hopes and Fears on the market (try getting that one now).

After Hopes and Fears, Keane released three more albums (Under The Iron Sea – 2006, Perfect Symmetry – 2008, and Strangeland – 2012).  In the interim (between Perfect Symmetry, and Strangeland), they released an eight-track EP, Night Train (2010), which yielded its own well-received single, “Stop For A Minute”.

Needless to say, Keane is a popular band, especially in their native UK.  With all five releases, it’s no surprise that they have a handful of hit singles to make up the no-brainer ‘best of’ that comes next.

TheBestOfKeaneOn November 11, Island Records will release The Best of Keane in several forms, including a three-disc Super Deluxe Edition (2CDs, an acoustic DVD).  There will be the obligatory single CD release, a 2CD Deluxe Edition, and the previously mentioned 2CD/1DVD Super Deluxe Edition.

The basic CD will contain 18 familiar Keane tracks along with the addition of two brand new songs (“Higher Than The Sun”, “Won’t Be Broken”) for a total of 20 songs.  Additionally, the set will feature MP3 download rights.  The 2CD Deluxe Edition will throw in a whopping 18 b-sides.  The Super Deluxe Edition will also deliver a 100-page book to complement the CDs and DVD.

If you’re a Keane fan, then this will really give you more reasons to be a fan, especially with two new songs.

Track listing for The Best Of Keane:

1. Everybody’s Changing
2. Somewhere Only We Know
3. Bend and Break
4. Bedshaped
5. This Is The Last Time
6. Atlantic
7. Is It Any Wonder?
8. Nothing In My Way
9. Hamburg Song
10. Crystal Ball
11. A Bad Dream
12. Try Again
13. Spiralling
14. Perfect Symmetry
15. My Shadow
16. Silenced By The Night
17. Disconnected
18. Sovereign Light Café
19. Higher Than the Sun
20. Won’t Be Broken

B-sides disc with Deluxe editions:

1. Snowed Under
2. Walnut Tree
3. Fly To Me
4. To The End Of The Earth
5. The Way You Want It
6. Something In Me Was Dying
7. Allemande
8. Let It Slide
9. He Used To Be A Lovely Boy
10. Thin Air
11. The Iron Sea (Magic Shop Version)
12. Maybe I Can Change
13. Time To Go
14. Staring At The Ceiling
15. Myth
16. Difficult Child
17. Sea Fog (Live in Mexico City)
18. Russian Farmer’s Song

By MARowe