TheBreedersLastSplashQuite simply, The Breeders were formed by Kim Deal (Pixies), and Tanya Donelly (Throwing Muses), as a side project to their respective bands’ down-time or disinterest in already written songs.  Rounded out by varying members (but including Josephine Wiggs), The Breeders surprised not only themselves, but a receptive audience with great songs.   With the remarkable album, Pod (1990), The Breeders set about creating their own magic.

Over the years (and a few line-up changes including the loss of Tanya Donelly), the Breeders released four studio albums including the popular Last Splash, from 1993.  Last Splash generated “Cannonball”, the hit song from Last Splash.

In celebration of Last Splash and its 20th Anniversary, 4AD will release a special Deluxe Edition vinyl package with a 180g LP of Last Splash (remastered 2013), along with a compilation of collectible 10″ EPs (Safari – 1992, Cannonball – 1993, Divine Hammer – 1993, Head To Toe – 1994).  Also added to the vinyl set will be a 12″ platter of Last Splash demos, and a 1993 BBC Radio session, and a 12″ LP of live performance tracks called Stockholm Syndrome.  The tracks on Stockhom Syndrome will feature live music from their Last Splash European tour.

4AD had released a celebratory 3CD Box of LSXX back in May with 46 bonus tracks of demos, b-sides, rarities, live tracks, and other goodies.

The Deluxe vinyl LP set is called LSXX (LS-Last Splash, XX-twenty), and is scheduled for issue on September 2.


By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Last Splash From The Breeders Celebrate 20 Years With Deluxe LP Edition Of LSXX”
  1. Last Splash is a favorite album around our place so this sounds like a release I’d love to get my hands on but what about us folks who’ve not made the switch back to vinyl? I think they’ll be missing out on some potential sales. I won’t buy a digital only copy (and would never buy it from iTunes on general principal). This needs a CD release.

  2. Woo Hoo! Actually I’ll have my local shop see if he can get it for me first (I like to give him first crack at getting me stuff that’s hard to find). The price on Amazon’s not bad at all for a 3-disc import ($36 and some change) and with Amazon Prime my shipping would be free. Thanks for setting me straight.

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