On August 14, our much loved friends over at The Second Disc (both Mike AND Joe), dropped (for me, at least), a very cool announcement about the impending release of a Sparks boxset (you can read about it here).  I know that Sparks doesn’t trip the trigger of many, but for those that do enjoy the band, particularly their Island output, and their magnificent Columbia issue, Big Beat, they are likely to be quite ecstatic.

If you need it, you can get the the scoop on Sparks from The Second Disc (click that link).  I’ll just rehash what this 4CD, swag-filled box (poster, pin, replica tickets, lanyard, certificate of authenticity, car window sticker, etc) entails.

The set is being called New Music For Amnesiacs: The Ultimate Collection, and will explore the near entirety of Sparks’ obligations to Island Records and their two Columbia albums, Big Beat (which I adore), and Introducing Sparks, on up through their few Lil’ Beethoven Records independent releases including Exotic Creatures Of The Deep (2008).

In addition to such collected musical riches, the set’s main 4CDs are placed within the comfortable confines of a 64-page hard-bound book filled with memorabilia, extensive liner notes, even a set of bonus photo-shoot film from the Big Beat release.  The bonus CD contains two singles.

The kickers here are that this set is a Universal UK direct purchase, and (for US readers), it’s an import.  Still, if you’re a Sparks fan, then you have something cool and collected in New Music For Amnesiacs.


By MARowe

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