MusicTAP enjoyed a lively conversation with readers including a new The Doctor Is In article (Adam Jahnke) after the post of Musically Soothing The Aging Soul.  Musically Soothing The Aging Soul wondered where we should be getting our music from.  Each generation has its own set of musical bias.  Staying on top of music from your own era was a balm.  Staying that way, years later is a challenge.

Thanks to the many threads we enjoyed as we conversed.  They were rich, and made for excellent reading.  Jahnke’s addition made the experience all the more rich for his insights.  Finished off by the wonderful comments made this article one of the more enjoyable in some time.  Which is why I still do this after ten years.  Will I do this for ten more years?  Only time will tell that.  But I do know this: I have grown incredibly in my quest to be a part of the great music phenomena that we all love so well.  I have learned what to find, how to find it, and, most importantly, what to enjoy.

Unfortunately for me (and maybe for others as well), I was unable to maintain the sense of awe that unfolded before me on a steady basis back when I was young and music was all that meant anything.  I wanted that sense of amazement as each week passed with new music.

Now, that effortless amazement has turned into an exhaustible search just to find something that works.

But I won’t go further as we have already talked about this.  I just wanted to say thank you for your contributions to the thought.  And to Adam for giving it more legs.

For my next article (tomorrow), I actually took my own advice and latched onto a band that I heard only occasionally.  Certainly, I never gave this band the attention they deserved…until now.

Come back tomorrow and find out who this band is that I now have to buy LPs from.  And with a new Record LP show coming up next Sunday, they will be a focus of my search.

You people are why I am still here.

By MARowe

5 thoughts on “Thanks To TAP Readers”
    1. Adam is a resident writer for The Digital Bits, who occasionally classes up this joint with a contributed article and review.
      He’s also our hero!

  1. Matt – If you want to experience that sense of amazement again I recommend putting aside rock and start exploring classical music. There is so much there and I constantly have those awesome moments like I had as a teenager 40 years ago. In fact the genre is so vast I doubt you could do it justice in what time you may have left on this earth.


    1. Kevin, I do pay attention to a fair amount of Classical. I’m especially fond of Ravel, Holst, Debussy, and Glass, to name a few. I’m also fond of violin and Joshua Bell’s exquisite handling of the instrument. And there are others. Morricone does exceedingly well for me.

      You’re right. So much to listen to.

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