Our friends over at The Second Disc has done a fine, fine job of keeping readers abreast of the Zappa reissues that have been expected since we announced them some time back.  Yes, those discs kind of slipped off the radar, but as many of you already know, they’re back and ready for your purchase beginning in July.  (Read here for a complete update.)

But to give you further expectation, Hip-O Records will be releasing a few more titles on November 27 (and may just be a placeholder while the titles get sorted, unsorted, then sorted again, release-wise).  Those will be Ahead Of Their TIme (1993), Have I Offended Someone? (1997), Mystery Disc (1998), Playground Psychotics (1992), The Lost Episodes (1994), The Yellow Shark (1993), Tinsel Town Rebellion (1981), and You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 6 (1992).

As erratic as the release schedule is now, it wouldn’t surprise me to see adjustments on titles being made available on revised release date.  (I mean, why You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 6, and not the previous five volumes to join it?)

No matter how you view this, updated Frank Zappa titles are coming.  Just speed up the reissue of Zoot Allures, please!

By MARowe

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  1. From what I gather, the albums are being reissued in chronological order, with a group of titles being issued each month between July thru November. Your list of titles for November is in alphabetical order – adjust for chronological order, and it makes more sense.

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