Mike Oldfield has steadily been re-releasing his catalogue in wonderful Deluxe Editions.  His last reissue, Incantations, was re-released in the latter part of 2011 to great acclaim.

The next set from Mike Oldfield includes not one but two Oldfield classics, 1979’s Platinum, and 1980’s QE2.

While little is known about what these two Oldfield albums will bring when they’re released on July 20 of 2012 in continuing Deluxe Edition remasters, it is very exciting just to know that we can now expect them.

These two titles will see reissuance first in Europe on the date noted, and hopefully follow shortly in the US.  Please note that this is preliminary information.  Still, mark your calendar for Platinum, and QE2 in Deluxe Edition.  Thanks again, Mike Oldfield.

[Immense thanks to TAP reader, Pat Gleeson, for alerting us to this great news.]

By MARowe

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