Marshall Crenshaw enjoyed a hit with “Someday, Someway”, a tune that was reverentially covered by Robert Gordon, although it was Gordon that achieved first hit status with the song.  The song was a part of the debut album, which celebrated its 40th Anniversary with an RSD vinyl reissue back in November. Marshall Crenshaw also played John Lennon in the Broadway show, Beatlemania.

On February 17, Yep Roc will make the RSD reissue of Marshall Crenshaw available on CD in an expanded format that will add the bonus tracks that were included on an EP for the 2LP release (4 demos/3 alternate tracks).

Marshall Crenshaw (40th Anniversary) – Marshall Crenshaw

01 There She Goes Again
02 Someday, Someway
03 Girls…
04 I’d Do Anything
05 Rockin’ Around in N.Y.C.
06 The Usual Thing
07 She Can’t Dance
08 Cynical Girl
08 Mary Anne
09 Soldier of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)
10 Not for Me
11 Brand New Lover
Bonus Tracks
12 Look What I Almost Missed (Live)
13 Brand New Lover (Alternate Take/Rough Mix)
14 Something’s Gonna Happen
15 (You’re My) Favorite Waste of Time
16 Just Not for Me
17 Someday, Someway
18 Mary Anne

By MARowe