In the late ’70s, a Canadian guitar player by the name of Pat Travers began to make a name for himself with a string of well-received albums and a growing fanbase. The Pat Travers Band peak period went into the ’80s. The successful albums included a popular live set, Live! Go For What You Know released in 1979. Overall, Pat Travers has some 25 studio albums along with a handful of live sets.

On August 19, Pat Travers will release a brand new album with The Art Of Time Travel. It will contain 10 new songs, most coming from the Covid period of isolation. It’s said that the new album brings back the blistering music that he recorded back in his peak era. And I’m all for that! A track from the album is in release, “Push Yourself”. It can be heard below. Other tracks are available on YouTube.

The Art OF Time Travel will be released on CD, DD, and Limited Edition Red Marble vinyl LP.

The Art Of Time TravelPat Travers
01 The Art of Time Travel
02 Ronnie
03 No Worries at All
04 Over and Over
05 Push Yourself
06 Move on
07 Full Spectrum
08 Breaking Up in Lockdown
09 I Feel Good
10 Natalie

By MARowe

3 thoughts on “’70s Band, Pat Travers, To Release New Album – The Art Of Time Travel”
  1. Man, The Pat Travers band were great in those classic years. It’s amazing that Pat still sounds the same after all these years on the road.
    The track “Push Yourself” though…. erm…. this is nothing like the classic Pat Travers Band sound. Hell, it has a prominent brass section! It lacks a great riff. I want to like it, but if this is what they think is the best from the album, this might well be a miss.
    The guitar playing (solo etc) are great as usual, so there’s that. I’ll give the album a chance, but if they’re trying to sell this as a return to those classic years – well,it’s a big miss. Sorry.

      1. Finally listened to the Full Spectrum in instrumental. It’s more akin to the instrumentals from Puttin It Straight. Still, lots of brass that dominate more than half the track. A nice Pat sole at 3:00 in is good. I’ll give the album a listen when it’s widely available, hopefully it’ll get a Vinyl release.

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