Since the late ’70s, Simple Minds supplied us with greaqt song after great song, album after album. Even after their peak years, they continued to provide excellent compositions to help satisfy the itch. And in my opinion, they haven’t failed at that yet. Their last album, Walk Between Worlds, did well on the charts across multiple overseas markets not in the US.

On October 21, the early bell says a new album from Simple Minds, to be called Direction Of The Heart, will arrive in a multitude of forms that will include CD, Deluxe CD (with two extra tracks, and in a casebound book filled with more content than the digipak CD), DD, CS (orange casing), and two separately available vinyl LP colors that include standard industry black, and a Limited Edition Silver-colored pressing. 

A single from the new album – “Vision Thing” is in release and can be heard below.

Direction Of the HeartSimple Minds
01 Vision Thing
02 First You Jump
03 Human Traffic
04 Who Killed Truth?
05 Solstice Kiss
06 Act of Love
07 Natural
08 Planet Zero
09 The Walls Came Down
Deluxe CD Adds
10 Direction of the Heart (Taormina 2022)
11 Wondertimes

By MARowe