Some of you will remember a small radio hit back in the early ’70s called “Dead Skunk In The Middle Of The Road”. It was a bit of a novelty song from a folk-musician that went a long way in capturing the ear of listeners. For over 50 years, Loudon Wainwright III has released 25 studio albums, his last in 2020.

On August 19, Loudon Wainwright III returns with a new album, Lifetime Achievement. This new album will contain 15 new songs, all originals. One song – “Town & Country” is already in release (hear below). 

Lifetime Achievement will be released on CD and DD via StorySound Records.

Lifetime AchievementLoudon Wainwright III
01 I Been
02 One Wish
03 It Takes 2
04 Fam Vac
05 Hell
06 Little Piece Of Me
07 No Man’s Land
08 Back in Your Town
09 Town & Country
10 Island
11 It
12 Hat
13 Lifetime Achievement
14 How Old is 75?
15 Fun & Free


By MARowe