When Bloc Party released their first album, Silent Alarm, in 2005, the world sat up and took notice. Regarded as exciting as Gang Of Four, the band rode a high point through their second album, A Weekend In The City (2007). Both albums have sold over a million copies each. By 2016, Bloc Party released their last album, Hymns, which generated the excellent track, “The Love Within” (great song and video, hear below). From 2010, it’s been Kele (or Kele Okereke) for the most part. He has released four solo albums including 2019’s 2042 album. Kele is a natural experimenter in that he tries on all sounds. 

On May 28, Kele will release a new album, The Waves Pt. 1. The new album will feature 13 tracks, one a bonus inclusion. The new album has a single in release, a cover of Bronski Beat‘s 1984 dance/synth hit, “Smalltown Boy” from their 1984 million-selling classic album, The Age Of Consent. Kele does a brilliant edition of the song giving it a less Pop feel and turning it into a genuine ballad (hear below).

For me, Bloc Party is a strong band with Kele as a strong motivating force. If he records solo, it’s worth listening to.

The Waves Pt. 1 will be released digitally (for now). 

The Waves Pt. 1Kele
01 Message From the Spirit World
02 They Didn’t See It Coming
03 The Way We Live Now
04 How to Beat the Lie Detector
05 Dungeness
06 Ninevah
07 The One Who Held You Up
08 The Patriots
09 Intention
10 Smalltown Boy
11 From a Place of Love
12 The Heart of the Wave
Bonus Track
13 Cradle You 

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