Gary Numan, fresh from his involvement with Tubeway Army, issued his first solo effort, The Pleasure Principle back in 1979. That generated his contributive “Cars” to the developing New Wave era along with the follow-up single, “Complex”. Since that ground-breaking album, Gary Numan has released 19 additional albums including Telekon (1980). His last album, Savage (Songs From A Broken World) was released in 2017.¬†

On May 21, BMG will release a new Gary Numan album with Intruder. Intruder will pick up a conceptual mantle left from Savage as it explores the effects of climate change from the Earth’s perspective. With eleven new Numan tracks to tell the story, Intruder will join a respected catalog of Numan music.

Intruder will be released on CD, Deluxe CD (with bonus track), DD (with two bonus tracks), and standard black vinyl LP with two bonus tracks. A single from the album, “Intruder” can be heard below.

IntruderGary Numan
01 Betrayed
02 The Gift
03 I Am Screaming
04 Intruder
05 Is This World Not Enough
06 A Black Sun
07 The Chosen
08 And It Breaks Me Again
09 Saints And Liars
10 Now And Forever
11 The End Of Dragons
Bonus Tracks 
12 When You Fall (Deluxe CD, DD, and Vinyl LP)
13 The End Of Dragons (Alternate Track) (DD, and Vinyl LP)

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