Tommy James and The Shondells dominated the charts back in the ’60s with their Pop brand of Psychedelic music. They had no shortage of songs and albums released for the explosive fanbase. Unfortunately, the band could not move into the ’70s with the kind of music they produced. Tommy James was able to push a bit further with his 1971 hit, “Draggin’ The Line” from his best-selling Roulette album, Christian Of The World. From there it’s largely history books for the band that lit up the ’60s with more than 15 classic tracks like “Mony Mony” (also a hit for Billy Idol), “Crimson & Clover”  (also a hit for Joan Jett & The Blackhearts), “I Think We’re Alone Now” (also a hit for Tiffany), “Hanky Panky”, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” (MY FAVORITE!), “Sweet Cherry Wine”, and more.

On January 29, Grapefruit Records (Cherry Red UK) will release a definitive 6CD Boxed set featuring Tommy James & The Shondells with Celebration: The Complete Roulette Recordings 1966-1973. This set will include Hanky Panky (1966), It’s Only Love (1967) [CD1], I Think We’re Alone Now (1967), Something Special! Best of Tommy James and The Shondells (1967), Gettin’ Together (1967) [CD2], Mony Mony (1968), Crimson & Clover (1969) [CD3], Cellophane Symphony (1969), Best of Tommy James & The Shondells (1969) [CD4], Solo WorksTommy James (1970), Christian Of The World (1971) [CD5], My Head, My Bed, And My Red Guitar (1971), and more [CD6].

The box will contain 141 songs, some collecting non-LP bonus tracks (16), and much more. The included book details the rise of the band in both the US and the UK markets.

Celebration: The Complete Roulette Recordings 1966-1973Tommy James and The Shondells

Hankey Panky
01 Hanky Panky
02 I’ll Go Crazy
03 I’m So Proud
04 The Lover
05 Love Makes The World Go ‘Round
06 Good Lovin’
07 Say I Am (What I Am)
08 Cleo’s Mood
09 Don’t Throw Our Love Away
10 Shake A Tail Feather
11 Soul Searchin’ Baby
12 Lots Of Pretty Girls
Bonus Track
13 Thunderbolt
It’s Only Love
14 It’s Only Love
15 Hold On A Little Bit Longer
16 It’s Alright
17 Juanita (Nothin’s Going To Stop Our Love)
18 Big Time Operator
19 Ya, Ya
20 We’ll Have A World
21 Don’t Let My Love Pass You By
22 Pick-Up
23 I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry
24 Fanny Mae
25 Some
Bonus Tracks
26 Hold On To Him
27 She Cried
28 Wiggle Wobble
29 The Cheater
30 Soul Serenade
31 As We Go Through Life

I Think We’re Alone Now
01 I Think We’re Alone Now
02 Trust Each Other In Love
03 What I’d Give To See Your Face Again
04 Baby Let Me Down
05 Let’s Be Lovers
06 Run, Run Baby Run
07 Mirage
08 I Like The Way
09 California Sun
10 (Baby, Baby) I Can’t Take It No More
11 Gone, Gone, Gone
12 Shout
Something Special!Best of Tommy James and The Shondells
13 Out Of The Blue
14 Gettin’ Together
15 Love’s Closin’ In On Me
16 Real Girl
Gettin’ Together
17 I Want To Be Around You
18 There’s So Much Love All Around Me
19 Some Happy Day
20 So Deep With You
21 Sometimes I’m Up (Sometimes I’m Down)
22 You Better Watch Out
23 Wish It Were You
24 World Down On Your Knees
25 Lost In Your Eyes

Mony, Mony
01 Mony, Mony
02 Do Unto Me
03 (I’m) Taken
04 Nightmare (I’m A Lover)
05 Run Away With Me
06 Somebody Cares
07 Get Out Now
08 Can’t Go Back To Denver
09 Some Kind Of Love
10 Gingerbread Man
11 One Two Three And I Fell
Crimson And Clover
12 Crimson And Clover
13 Kathleen McArthur
14 I Am A Tangerine
15 Do Something To Me
16 Crystal Blue Persuasion
17 Sugar On Sunday
18 Breakaway
19 Smokey Roads
20 I’m Alive
21 Crimson And Clover (Reprise)
Bonus Track
22 Crimson And Clover (45RPM Radio Version)

Cellophane Symphony
01 Cellophane Symphony
02 Makin’ Good Time
03 Evergreen
04 Sweet Cherry Wine
05 Papa Rolled His Own
06 Changes
07 Loved One
08 I Know Who I Am
09 Love Of A Woman
10 On Behalf Of The Entire Staff And Management
Bonus Tracks
11 Sweet Cherry Wine (45RPM Single Version)
12 Contact
Best Of Tommy James & The Shondells
13 Ball Of Fire
14 Bloody Water
15 Red Rover
16 Candy Maker
17 She
18 Talkin’ And Signifyin’
19 Travelin’
20 Gotta Get Back To You

Travelin’ (Continued from CD4)
01 Early In The Mornin’
02 Moses And Me
03 Kelly Told Anne
Tommy James
04 Ball And Chain
05 Meet The Comer
06 Midnight Train
07 Light Of Day
08 Come To Me
09 I Lost My Baby
10 Lady Jane
11 Quick Silver
Christian Of The World
12 Christian Of The World
13 Rings And Things
14 I’m Comin’ Home
15 Sing, Sing, Sing
16 Draggin’ The Line
17 Sail A Happy Ship
18 Light Of Day
19 Bits And Pieces
20 Believe In People
21 Church St. Soul Revival
22 Another Hill To Climb
23 Adrienne
24 Silk Satin Carriage Waiting

My Head, My Bed, And My Red Guitar
01 Nothing To Hide
02 Tell ‘Em Willie Boy’s a’ Comin’
03 White Horses
04 The Last One To Know
05 Rosalee
06 Paper Flower
07 Walk A Country Mile
08 Who’s Gonna Cry
09 Forty Days And Forty Nights
10 Kingston Highway
11 I Live To Love A Woman
12 Fortunada
13 Dark Is The Night
Non LP Singles
14 Cat’s Eye In The Window
15 Love Song
16 Celebration
17 Boo, Boo Don’tcha Be Blue
18 Calico (1973)
19 Hey, My Lady (1973)

By MARowe