Back to the annual slowdown of new album releases for the holidays. Actually, we’ve been lucky over the last few years with a nice stream of news that carried over the holidays. No so much this year (thanks a lot, Covid!). 

It’s becoming quite obvious that the George Harrison estate is gearing up for a 50th Anniversary reissue of the classic 1970 3LP set that included “My Sweet Lord”. Last weekend, the label released a 2020 mix of the “All Things Must Pass” track from the album. There wasn’t much news about the reissue beyond the song release. You can hear it at this gateway link. We’re anxious for this!

BMG has expanded the package offerings for the Stevie Nicks set, Live In Concert: The 24 Karot Gold Tour. It will be issued on Blu-ray, and a 2CD/DVD package along with the 2CD package planned. All arrive on the same date – January 15 of 2021. The black vinyl LP edition will beat them all by arriving on December 4.

For vinyl fans: Sanctuary will reissue Kinks on a Limited Edition Red vinyl LP set planned for January 15. Also planned for January 15 is Led Zeppelin collectible vinyl single of “The Immigrant Song” b/w “Hey Hey What Can I Do“. The B-side is a non-album track. The single will be limited to 19,700 copies. And Sanctuary Records also plans a Limited Edition White Vinyl LP for Demons & Wizards by Uriah Heep

Some years back, a 2-girl folk band by the name of Beau released a nice album, and enjoyed some chart success with a single from it called “With One Wing”. After a long hiatus, the duo returns with a new song, “Dance With Me“. It is part of a return plan and a new album, which has yet to be announced other than hinted at by the girls in interviews.  (See new video a end of column.)

Sony Music UK plans a 2LP package of The Best Of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac. It is scheduled for January 15 and will contain 21 songs from the great era of Fleetwood Mac (who enjoyed a lot of unique eras). 

The Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood MacFleetwood Mac

Side A
01 Albatross
02 Black Magic Woman
03 Need Your Love So Bad (US Version)
04 My Heart Beat Like A Hammer
05 Rollin’ Man (Album version)
06 The Green Manalishi
Side B
01 Man Of The World
02 Something Inside of Me
03 Looking For Somebody (Album version)
04 Oh Well (Pt. 1)
05 Oh Well (Pt. 2)

Side A
01 Rattlesnake Shake
02 Merry Go Round (Album version)
03 I Loved Another Woman (Album version)
04 Need Your Love Tonight
05 Worried Dream (Album version)
Side B
01 Dragonfly
02 Sop Messin’ Around (Album version)
03 Shake Your Moneymaker (Album version)
04 I’d Rather Go Blind (Album version)
05 Albatross

Quake Records will release a Graham Parker & The Rumour live set called Live In New York, on December 17. The show is from May 11, 1979 at the Palladium. It’s on CD.

Live In New YorkGraham Parker & The Rumour

01 Discovering Japan
02 Back To Schooldays
03 Don’t Get Excited
04 Local Girls
05 Passion Is No Ordinary Word
06 Protection
07 Mercury Poisoning
08 Howlin’ Wind
09 Heat Treatment
10 Stick To Me
11 You Can’t Be Too Strong
12 Watch The Moon Come Down
13 Tear Your Playhouse Down
14 Don’t Ask Me Questions
15 Saturday Nite Is Dead
16 Nobody Hurts You
17 Soul Shoes
18 I Want You Back
19 Pourin’ It All Out

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  1. The Stevie Nicks live album has been available on CD as a Target-exclusive. I assume this is just a wide release.

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