As we no doubt know you’re aware of, there’s a nasty bug going around disrupting everything. At best it is doing damage to businesses both big and small. At worst, it is killing people.

When you think about it, independent artists are small business owners. Already, the low return rate from streaming has harmed their incomes, with live performances being the only solid way of gaining revenue, until now.

With all venues either facing severe curfews or complete shutdown until further notice, this last revenue stream for artists has now effectively been halted.

The website Bandcamp is doing something about it. It will forgo collecting its share of revenue from sales on the site made this Friday, March 20, the company announced on Tuesday, March 17. The initiative will be active from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m Pacific time. All sales will go to the artists and can assist greatly in this time of crisis.

MusicTAP asks that you give a listen to their music on Friday while you are practicing social distancing and caught up in shelter-in-place quarantine procedures. If you like what you hear, PLEASE consider buying the music. Again, for this one-day window, Bandcamp will NOT take their cut and the money will go to support these artists.

Below are but a few to consider, but please consider!

Thanks, and let us all do our part to flatten the curve without losing our incomes.

The Lost Dogs

Josh Lory/Young Earth Records


Chris Neri

Curtis Eiler

the b-attitudes

The 77’s

CurryCuts Music Label

Chris Taylor (“All albums are $6.00”)

Kerosene Halo

Eric Grubbs/Caved Mountains

Sills and Smith

James Byron Schoen/Edensong

Rick Barry

Bram Cools

Michael Roe

Dann Gunn

Ric Alba

Phil Keaggy

Eve Selis

Terry Scott Taylor/Daniel Amos Https://

The Seventy Sevens

Gretchen’s Wheel

Paul Melancon


Michael Knott

Creeping Hush

L.S. Underground


The Successful Failures

Jeff Elbel + Ping

And How

By Torchlight


Golems of the Red Planet

Cait Brennan

Ojo Taylor

Steve Layton

Dolph Chaney

Jim O’Dell

The John Sally Ride

Andy Tillison/The Tangent

Craig Carlstrom/Orbis Max

William Steffey

Derri Daugherty

Eric Matthews

Altar Boys

Futureman Records

By Dw Dunphy

Dw. Dunphy is a writer, artist, and musician. He has contributed many articles that can be found in the MusicTAP's archives. He also writes for New Jersey Stage,, Ultimate Classic Rock, Diffuser FM, and Looper. His interview archive is available at