When Alice Cooper (the band finished Muscle of Love, the boys were working on a new album and concept. But after a bit of time away, Alice Cooper (the singer) decided to remain in the solo arena. After all, Vince Furnier was Alice Cooper. While Alice Cooper went on with the appropriation of the band’s recognized moniker, the band itself continued on as Billion Dollar Babies in an attempt to draw close familiarity with fans of the talented band. The album intended as the next official Alice Cooper album was finished without the singer, and titled Battle Axe.

On November 27, Cherry Red UK plans to reissue the only album from Billion Dollar Babies, a unit that existed with original Alice Cooper bandmembers of Michael Bruce, Dennis Dunaway, and Neal Smith, and filled out with Bob Dolin, and Mike Marconi. (Glen Buxton was actually not a part of Muscle of Love, and therefore not a part of this project as well.)


Battle Axe will be remembered with a 3CD package that provides the original album remastered, a collection of demos and non-album tracks, and a live show from one of their four live performances.

The 3CD album has been previously released in an unauthorized edition back in the early part of 2001. The band put pressure on is release and it eventually was pulled. This Cherry Red UK release is official.

Battle AxeBillion Dollar Babies

CD1 (Original Battle Axe album – 1977)
01 Too Young
02 Shine Your Love
03 I Miss You
04 Wasn’t I The One?
05 Love Is Rather Blind
06 Rock ‘n Roll Radio
07 Dance With Me
08 Rock Me Slowly
09 Ego Mania
10 Battle Axe
11 Sudden Death
12 Winner

CD2 (Battle Axe Demos/Non Album Tracks)
01 Shine Your Love
02 Miss You
03 Wasn’t I The One
04 Dance With Me
05 Want To Go Home
06 Love Is Rather Blind
07 Rock Me Slowly
08 Battle Axe/Sudden Death/Winner
09 Rock ‘n Roll Prison
10 Runaway (Instrumental)
Non Album Tracks
11 I Don’t Know Babe
12 Wallow Through This Madness
13 Only One Will Walk Away
14 High Heels Hollywood

CD3 (Live – July 6, 1977 – IMA Auditorium, Flint, MI)
01 I Miss You
02 Rock ‘n Roll Radio
03 Love Is Rather Blind
04 Rock Me Slowly
05 Alice Cooper Medley: No More Mr. Nice Guy/Elected/School’s Out
06 Battle Axe Suite: Ego Mania
07 Battle Axe
08 Nights In Cracked Leather/Sudden Death/Winner
09 Too Young
10 Billion Dollar Babies

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