Last year, Jon Anderson released his long-awaited 1000 Hands album in March. The 11-track “Chapter One” issue was independently released on CD, DD, and a limited-run vinyl LP. With 30 guest performers contributing their skills, the released album was well-received. However, a new and broader release is expected for the album this summer that will deliver CD, DD, and a collectible Deluxe Edition 180g-weight vinyl 2LP. The good news from this is that this album will become more available to a larger audience.

July 31 is the new re-release date for 1000 Hands. It will re-release via the Blue √Član label. For the record, 1000 Hands has been in the works for more than 30 years. Its release was welcomed. Itts re-release promises better access to the album. To fans, this “new” album presents Jon Anderson from years previous.¬†

A new single issue is actually a double single with “Now”/”Ramalama”. It is currently available as a download. If you’ve missed the album the first time around, here’s your chance to catch up.

1000 HandsJon Anderson

01 Now
02 Ramalama
03 First Born Leaders
04 Activate
05 Makes Me Happy
06 Now Variations
07 I Found Myself
08 Twice in a Lifetime
10 1000 Hands (Come Up)
11 Now and Again

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  1. I was just listening to this album again today! It’s not all great, but overall I find it to be a strong album with some really nice moments… I’m glad it will be getting a wider release!

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