Steve Bottari is a musician’s musician: from working with legends such as Dion (yes, Dion) and Richard Barone, he knows his way around arrangement, harmony, melody and production. He can craft and shape a song to fullness while giving it the right atmospherics with his studio mastery, evidenced throughout his 2018 album, Cool Breeze. On this latest offering from Mr. Bottari, he once again steps into the light as performer and writer on the aptly-titled “The Other Side Of Dark”. You can hear the influence of ’50’s doo wop and rock & roll, as well as soul/R&B from the Stax catalogue by way of Muscle Shoals. Mr. Bottari drew from those sources, along with producer Wayne Hood, to create the slow tempo and soulful/gospel-like feel that so perfectly supported the lyrics. Mr. Bottari explains the meaning behind the words:

“The initial inspiration for this song came from a conversation over lunch that I had with my friend Dion.

Dion was talking about his deceased father. He said to me, “people may die, but your relationship with them continues to evolve”. He explained that just analyzing the relationship that he had with his father, and gaining better insight into the man, changed his feelings toward him and, ultimately, their relationship. 

I began thinking about that – and the possibility of meeting up again with departed family and friends and what it might be like. How would our relationships have changed when we meet on “the other side of dark”? It felt to me like crossing the bridge from darkness to light.”

A thought provoking concept and musically speaking, an instant classic. Please have a listen and see what you think.

By Rob Ross

Rob Ross has been involved in the music industry for over 30 years - as guitarist/singer/songwriter with The Punch Line, freelance journalist, producer, manager and working for independent and major record labels. He resides in Staten Island, New York with his wife and cats; he works out a lot, reads voraciously, loves Big Star, traveling down South and his orange Gretsch. He's pretty groovy!

One thought on “TRACK PREMIERE: STEVE BOTTARI, “The Other Side Of Dark””
  1. I am quite familiar with Mr Bottari as he is a personal friend, so I fear that I may seem biased, and I definitely am. In addition to your articles very accurate description of his work, you neglected to reference his very recognizable voice which separates him from the mainstream. The man is awesome!

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