When we last had anything new from First Aid Kit, it was in 2014 with Stay Gold. They released a 4-song EP (2 new songs, 2 sessions tracks of songs from Stay Gold) called America just shortly afterward as a Record Store Day exclusive. But as a great band will do, they effectively stretched the material from Stay Gold for quite a while. But quietly, they have been recording new compositions to store and choose for their next album. And now, their next album is coming.

On January 19, Columbia Records will release Ruins, the fourth album from the two-sister team of First Aid Kit. The new album will feature ten new songs (see list below). Currently, First Aid Kit has two songs from the album as singles. The first was the surprise announcement for Ruins, “It’s A Shame”, released last month. The newest single from the album, “Postcard” is appended to the announcement of the album’s release date along with its name and track-list.

Ruins will be made available as CD, DD, and, I’m sure, vinyl LP!

RuinsFirst Aid Kit

01 – Rebel Heart
02 – It’s a Shame
03 – Fireworks
04 – Postcard
05 – To Live a Life
06 – My Wild Sweet Love
07 – Distant Star
08 – Ruins
09 – Hem of Her Dress
10 – Nothing Has to Be True


By MARowe