I’m a BIG Black Rebel Motorcycle Club fan. Thus far, with seven grand albums out, they have yet to disappoint me. Do I have a favorite? Of course! That belongs to Howl (2005). Twelve years and four albums later, BRMC still knows how to do the right stuff! If you’re unfamiliar with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, then I’d suggest hopping on to YouTube and getting a healthy dose of good Rock and Roll reminiscent of the old days and yet as fresh as tomorrow’s morning air.

Their last album, Specter At The Beach, issued in 2013, is a powerhouse of music with twelve excellent tunes that recall post-punk in an alternative style for today. In fact, B.R.M.C. would have thrived in the late ’70s had they been around for it. And we’d be talking about them in reverential tones. Nevertheless (I doth praise too much!)…

On January 12, 2018, BMG’s Vagrant label will release the new Black Rebel Motorcycle Club album, Wrong Creatures. With twelve new songs, Wrong Creatures is already expected to be as classic as their previous albums. I’ll most certainly be there for it. Their second single off the album, “Echo”, won’t be released until 2018. However, their first and second singles, (“Little Thing Gone Wild”, “Haunt”) can be heard below!

If you’re intrigued, I suggest checking them out. You have plenty of time!

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is currently engaged on a support tour for Wrong Creatures with over 50 worldwide dates! There’s a First Avenue show  in Minneapolis that I just might be at (February 11)! They play Chicago at the Vic Theatre the night before. Tour dates here!


By MARowe