For vinyl fans who also love David Lynch’s wildly eccentric film, Eraserhead:

David Lynch’s Eraserhead was a film that stood alone when it was released, and stands alone today. In fact, it stands apart from anything else that David Lynch conceived of and filmed throughout his career of storytelling artistry. David Lynch even involved himself with the soundtrack to the film.

Released in 1982, the music consists of organ music performed by Fats Waller, the unforgettable “In Heaven” tune created by Peter Ivers, and the other atmospheric tunes that helped make the mood for the movie. Oddly enough, it was IRS Records that issued the album. All in all, the soundtrack is just as necessary as the film for a complete experience.

On June 16, Sacred Bones will re-release an LP SILVER vinyl edition of the soundtrack to Eraserhead. (They had previously released the soundtrack back in 2012.) With this edition, a 7″ vinyl single with an edit of “In Heaven (Lady in The Radiator Song)” with the flip side containing a recently discovered and previously unreleased track, “Pete’s Boogie”.

To complement this release further, this edition will offer a 16-page booklet, and three 11″ x 11″ prints.

As previously, I’m sure this will be relegated to limited edition status. Don’t delay if this is something you fancy!


By MARowe