John Coltrane, an American treasure, whose emotive saxophone worked its way into the hearts of anyone who’s listened to it, has more than 25 albums recorded for various labels. To date, he’s produced classics for Blue Note, Prestige, Atlantic, Savoy, and various other labels. It doesn’t matter which era you love, all of Coltrane’s music shines a brighter light than many of his peers.

On June 9, Atlantic Records will release a compiled collection of recorded songs under contract as CD and LP. The assembled set is being called Trane: The Atlantic Collection. The set will feature newly remastered tracks. Trane: The Atlantic Collection will feature “My Favorite Things”, “Giant Steps, Naimi”, and other great Trane tunes. This assembled set is designed to be an introduction to the magic of John Coltrane.

Even better, Atlantic will release new MONO remasters of the following individual Coltrane (and collaborative) albums:

  • Giant Steps (1960)
  • Olé Coltrane (1962)
  • Coltrane Plays The Blues (1962)
  • The Avant Garde (1966, with Don Cherry)
  • Bags & Trane (1961, with Milt Jackson)

These album reissues are on the calendar for August 11, and will be reissued as CD and vinyl LP sets.


By MARowe