The mention of Ted Nugent’s name generally elicits a different response these days. But that should NEVER supplant his contributions to Rock and Roll with his magnificent firstfruits of solo albums beginning with his self-titled debut, Ted Nugent (1975). There’s few who will not admit to being held captive by the musical energy experienced on that album. I was one of them. While I didn’t go much past Weekend Warriors and Double Live Gonzo!, I revere those first three issues that also includes Free For All (1976), and Cat Scratch Fever (1977). Having seen Nugent live, I find Double Live Gonzo! essential!

On June 2, Analogue Productions will reissue Ted Nugent as a newly remastered set with a new gatefold jacket.  The press of the album will be 200g-weight vinyl cut at 45RPM and spread out over two LPs. This is good news for Ted Nugent fans who are also vinyl fans. I DO wish that these new remasters destined for vinyl LP would eventually make it to CD reproduction but that almost never seems to happen. Nevertheless, if you do vinyl, then this is a great reissue for fans! And side A of Vinyl 1 is ALL “Stranglehold”!


By MARowe