Earlier this year, Chuck Berry passed on to the great unknown. After some 60 years in the business, and with over 15 (surprisingly) studio albums, Chuck Berry provided memorable moments to all aficionados of Rock. Not only to the musicians that were inspired by him, but to the many fans that ever listened to “Johnny B Goode”, regardless of whether it was Johnny Winter playing the song, or Chuck himself. Foghat deftly covered “Maybelline” in their great debut issue back in 1972. And on and on.

Now, as Chuck Berry goes to school those in the Great Band on the art of early Rock ‘n Roll, it was found he left behind a new album. Simply titled as Chuck, this new album features ten new songs including a spin-off of his famed “Johnny B Goode” song with “Lady B Goode”. It won’t take long to realize that the new album might be quite solid. A suggestion of that is heard in the recently released single from the new album, “Big Boys”. On that song, you can hear a sprightly and energized Chuck Berry. You can hear that tune below in the video track.

On June 16, DualTone Records will release Chuck on CD, DD, and vinyl LP. There’s no doubt this album is already on your calendar. But in case it isn’t, take a moment to listen to the timelessness that is Chuck Berry in his new single.

“…way back in the woods among the evergreens…”


By MARowe