Just days ago, I put up a post for the upcoming Audio Fidelity SACD of Grand Funk‘s Shinin’ On album. Now, there’s another coming out from the band’s later catalog. (Remember! I’m hoping for a complete catalog update on SACD. And if this is what it takes to get to Closer To Home, Survival, Phoenix, Live, E Pluribus Funk, etc, then let it be so.)

Our good buddy, Steve Talia, alerted me to the arrival of All The Girls In The World Beware!!! (1974) on SACD, also by Audio Fidelity. It has a scheduled date of February 24. Unfortunately, there is no Audio Fidelity cover art available as of yet. (I’ll post when it shows up.)  All The Girls In the World Beware!!! provided two big hit singles in “Bad Time”, and “Some Kind of Wonderful”. Unfortunately, it would be the last high charting album they’d release. Their next, Born To Die (1976) would see a decline in listeners. Their Frank Zappa comeback album (Good Singin’, Good Playin’), issued by MCA Records just mere months after Born to Die, performed about as well. Nevertheless, if you’re a Grand Funk fan, there’s gold in every one of the albums.

I am looking forward to both Shinin’ On, and All The Girls In The World Beware!!! SACDs!


By MARowe