Gerry Rafferty is known by his haunting “Baker Street” song, along with its memorable and vibrant saxophone. But he is not defined by that song. In fact, he had his first recognition with “Stuck In The Middle With You”, a song he recorded during his time with the Stealer’s Wheel band. It was after the Stealer’s Wheel stint that Gerry Rafferty drew serious attention to his solo music starting with his magnificent¬†City To City album. That 1978 release rose up the charts after “Baker Street”, “Right Down The Line”, and to a lesser extent, “Home And Dry”, drew world-wide attention to the album.

But it wasn’t his first solo offering. That was Can I Have My Money Back?, issued before his Stealer’s Wheel years. It was released in 1971 and didn’t make much of an initial dent but drew more interest after his success.

On February 24, UK label Esoteric Recordings will reissue Can I Have My Money Back? with a newly remastered sound, and a slightly expanded set with one bonus track. The extra song is “So Bad Thinking”, which was a B-side to the single featuring “Can I Have My Money Back?”. The artwork to the album has been restored from the original album. The new booklet will include a new essay and liner notes.

Yay, Cherry Red!

By MARowe