The unique and unusual duo of Dead Can Dance has created a strong and enduring body of work that started with their self-titled debut back in 1984, and terminated with their beautiful comeback set, Anastasis (2012). Before Anastasis was their last 4AD album, Spiritchaser, the album that we had all feared was their last. It was released as early as 1996, a full 17 years before their next (Anastasis). Dead Can Dance is comprised of Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard.

Much of Dead Can Dance albums were released in the post-LP world, when CDs were gaining in popularity.Whatever releases that were issued in vinyl have long gone out of print. Now that vinyl is becoming – once again – a medium of choice for many, we’re starting to see many old classics being remastered and reissued on heavy 180g vinyl (standard weight; some are as heavy as 200g). With that in mind, it’s great news to find that 4AD will revisit the extraordinary Dead Can Dance catalog of eight titles with a mind to reissue them in unique fashion.

On July 8, 4AD will reissue three of the eight titles. Those include:

Into The Labyrinth (1993)

DCD - Into The Labyrinth 2LP

This will be a 2LP set with an altered track listing, as well as new cover artwork.

Side A:
01 – Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
02 – The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
03 – The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Side B:
01 – The Carnival Is Over
02 – Ariadne
03 – Saldek
04 – Towards The Within

Side A:
01 – Tell Me about The Forest
02 – The Spider’s Stratagem
03 – Emmeleia
04 – How Fortunate The Man With None

Side B:
01 – Bird
02 – Spirit

Spleen And Ideal (1985)

DCD Spleen And Ideal LP

This 1LP title will be a repress of the original release.

Side A:
01 – De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)
02 – Ascension
03 – Circumradiant Dawn
04 – The Cardinal Sin
05 – Mesmerism

Side B:
01 – Enigma Of The Absolute
02 – Advent
03 – Avatar
04 – Indoctrination (A Design For Living)

Dead Can Dance (1984)

DCD - Dead Can Dance

This 1LP title is a repress of the original release.

Side A:
01 – The Fatal Impact
02 – The Trial
03 – Frontier
04 – Fortune
05 – Ocean

Side B:
01 – East Of Eden
02 – Threshold
03 – A Passage In Time
04 – Wild In The Woods
05 – Musica Eternal

You can pre-order titles at this link. The rest will show up over the course of the year,


By MARowe