AIR TwentyearsWhen you think of Air, the French electronica band, you can arrive at several preference points. The first is, of course, their melodic and dance-able approach to the genre. That’s easy enough as they excel at the art of electronica. The second is their brilliant mix of ethereal elements¬†that transform their compositions to create songs of reflection and thought. At times, that transformation takes their music to another height. That’s pretty great when they can also create soundtracks to film (Lost In Translation). ¬†They can also effortlessly merge great Jazz with Electronica to astonishing effect (listen to “La femme d’argent” for proof)! Not only that, they play with old school psychedelia with aplomb (try “Sexy Boy” for proper evidence). One listen to their melancholy-laced tune (with SAX!), “Playground Love”, and you get more than a slight feel of an influential past, namely T. Rex’s “Mister Mister” from his 1973 classic, Tanx. Try it! (It’s provided below in the embedded video.) Needless to say, Air is a classic band that should be enjoyed by many music fans.

On June 10, Parlophone Records and Rhino Records will release a 2CD collection that not only provides selected coolness, but also offers a collection of Air rarities as well. The set is being called Twentyears. Twentyears will collect seventeen tracks from their eight studio albums. The tracks were selected by the band. The second disc will offer fourteen rarities and unreleased songs that includes “The Duelist”, a collaboration with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Jarvis Cocker, as well as several live sets. The live tracks include a live KCRW (LA) recording from 1998, “Trente millions d’amis”, and a 1998 BBC recording of “J’ai dormi sous l’eau”.

Twentyears will be released as a 2CD set. But it will also be issued on DD, 2LP 180g-weight black vinyl (sixteen selected tracks, no rarities), and an all-in 3CD/2LP 180g-weight color vinyl super Deluxe Edition. The Super Deluxe Edition will be housed in a Box with a variation of the standard cover )see below). Later, on July 22, Twentyears will be offered as a 5LP Deluxe Box that will incorporate all of the rare and live tracks.

AIR Twentyears Super Deluxe

If you haven’t checked out Air for one reason or another. it’s hereby suggested that you give them a shot. Head start below:


By MARowe