Tales From Topographic Oceans - YES CoverI’m sure that many YES fans knew that Steven Wilson was in no way finished with is remixes of YES classics. Thus far, we have The Yes Album, Close To The Edge, Fragile, and Relayer. All of those were well done and definitely worth the re-acquisition of those titles. With many other YES albums still available to be given the blessed Steven Wilson treatment, there are those of us with specific titles in our variable wishlists. (For me, I want Going For The One, too!) But there is one title that we can now scratch off our wishlists. That’s Tales From Topographic Oceans.

Tales of Topographic Oceans was a polarizing album for many YES fans. It came a year after the brilliance of  Close to The Edge, long a favorite of most YES fans. Close To The Edge was/is a rich exploration of music, lyrics, thought, and reflection. Immediately, the hopes are high for its follow-up. When Tales From Topographic Oceans arrived, it was dismissed by some as being excessive and too far out to be accepted as a Rock album. To complicate matters, it was released as a double LP. Wakeman seemed to be displeased with the direction taken and left the band after the album’s release to pursue his own solo career.

Despite what fans feel about Tales Of Topographic Oceans, it is still a clear snapshot of the progression of YES at that time. Personally, I enjoyed the direction. Relayer (with Patrick Moraz) would follow up Tales Of Topographic Oceans, going back to a more Close To The Edge style of Rock.

Steven Wilson announced today that he has completed a THREE YEAR effort to remix Tales From Topographic Oceans. His promise is that it will be released at a point this year. Yes, we don’t have a date yet. Or any other info concerning the content aside form the original album. Of course, I’m sure we’ll get the usual UK vinyl needle drop, the new Stereo and 5.1 mixes, as well as the content found on the Rhino remasters. But with Wilson, I’m sure he’s found some other gems to include.




By MARowe