Mott Mott The HoopleMany of us have those classic albums in our lives. Some of them are so important to us in many, many ways. They can be an incredible bookmark, an effective soundtrack to a point in our time-span. They can be perfect through and through, every song a masterpiece. They can be the best album in a favorite band’s body of work. Whatever they are, they’re perfect for us. Therefore, they never lose value. They never lose traction. They always seem to hang out in our minds somewhere. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

For me, one of those albums is Mott by Mott The Hoople. Released in 1973, Mott represented – in many ways – the end of Mott The Hoople. It was the last to feature Mick Ralphs before his departure to the brighter lights and bigger stages of Bad Company. Of course, The Hoople, which followed up Mott, was the swan song of the band. And it was good. But Mott was just classic, start to finish.

It’s with great delight that I can tell you that Mott is being reissued in vinyl form and featuring brand new remastering. And it’s not just a run of the mill re-release designed to capture a bit of the surging market of vinyl repurchases. It’s being lovingly reproduced for the serious fan of Mott by Drastic Plastic, a reissue label from Omaha, Nebraska. The label already have  200g (black) and 150g (opaque red color) vinyl reissues (with new remastering) of All The Young Dudes, currently available at their web store.

This vinyl LP edition of Mott will be limited in production. There will only be 1000 copies pressed. It will be a split run that will provide 500 LPs, pressed on 200g(!) weight black vinyl with another 500 copies being pressed on 150g-weight white vinyl.

The jackets for the black vinyl will be foil-numbered in silver, while the jackets for the white colored vinyl will be foil-numbered in gold. Both issues will feature the original artwork, just as it was originally released.

Currently, the hope is for a nearby release date for Mott. But there is a surge in vinyl pressing popularity that sometimes obscures even the most hopeful of dates. Bear in mind that a date is close and will soon be here. And remember, there will only be 1000 copies pressed.



By MARowe