Dan Fogelberg Definitive AnthologyThe music of Dan Fogelberg was enchanting, even haunting, over the fifteen-plus studio efforts he released over a 35-year period. From his excellent Home Free debut released in 1972 through his final album, Love In Time, released posthumously in 2009, Dan Fogelberg continuously changed the colors on his poetically dipped lyrical brushes. With a handful of serious charting singles, and many of his early albums in the 2-million plus sales category, Dan Fogelberg was heralded and appreciated as one of the finest of his period.

His best singles delivering album was The Innocent Age. Released in 1982, it produced four Top Ten tracks (“Same Old Lang Syne”, “Hard To Say”, “Leader Of The Band”, “Run for The Roses”). But for many, each album had its own charm. For me, that was Nether Lands, released in 1977. That album mixed country, classical, rock, ballads, and literal poetic beauty into one gorgeous set. For others, it’s his work after that album that defined him. And that was so. There was also his successful collaboration with Tim Weisberg that produced two classic albums (Twins Sons Of Different Mothers – 1978, No Resemblance Whatsoever – 1995), and generated two singles, both from the Twin Sons Of Different Mothers album (“The Power Of Gold”, “Tell Me To My Face”)

By the late ’80s, Dan Fogelberg had lost an audience (more or less) to the changes that ran through the ’80s. Nevertheless, he continued to be productive up to his death in 2007 from cancer.

On May 6, the fine personnel over at Real Gone Music will release a 2CD career-spanning collection of 28 tracks. All of the tracks on The Definitive Anthology are newly remastered by Vic Anesini. The set will provide a richly detailed booklet that includes new liner notes. Those notes will attend to each track found within the 2 CDs.

Dan Fogelberg is a classic gem fro an era of Rock and Roll that will never be repeated. And yet, he still feels timeless, certainly influential.

The Definitive Anthology – Dan Fogelberg


01 Phoenix
02 Sweet Magnolia (and the Traveling Salesman)
03 The Language of Love
04 Part of the Plan
05 Same Old Lang Syne
06 Run for the Roses
07 Illinois
08 Nether Lands
09 There’s a Place in the World for a Gambler
10 Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)
11 Beggar’s Game
12 Heart Hotels
13 Believe in Me
14 She Don’t Look Back


01 Nexus
02 Make Love Stay (Single Version)
03 Seeing You Again
04 Hard to Say
05 Missing You (Single Version)
06 As the Raven Flies
07 A Love Like This
08 Longer
09 Rhythm of the Rain
10 Magic Every Moment
11 The Power of Gold
12 Lonely in Love
13 To the Morning
14 Leader of the Band/Washington Post March


By MARowe