Beau That Thing RealityI’ve recently started to listen to Beau, a two-member girl duo that sings a pretty great brand of Folk/Rock. I’m a big fan of Folk and so when I stumble across something that sounds as good as Beau, well…I like sharing that news.

Beau are two girls from Manhattan, NYC who have known each other since they were thirteen. In fact, once they were acquainted with each other, they put into motion the reality that they were a band. They learned guitar, and started writing material that eventually lead to this, a release on a label. Their names are Heather Golden (Boo) Schwalb, and Emma Rose Jenney. To simplify, they’re Heather Golden and Emma Rose. Previously, they had named their band The Boos until Beau became a more interesting moniker to be known by. (The actual reason for the change was that – for their french label – The Boos sounded like ‘la bouse’, which, when translated, means “cow shit”.) So, Beau it became.

Heather (the dark-haired singer with the beautiful and haunting voice), and her friend, Emma are signed to Kitsuné Musique. They released a five-track EP last May (2015). And yes, it’s pretty extraordinary and deserves your attention. On March 11, Beau will release their debut title, That Thing Reality. This new album will feature twelve songs, three from the EP (“C’mon Please”, “One Wing”, “Soar Across The Sea”). That Thing Reality will also be available on DD, and vinyl LP (and include a download card for the digital tracks). The latest song from the new album is “Animal Kingdom”, which can be viewed below (second video). However, there are a two others that can be found by going to their YouTube Channel. In addition to the myriad of great Beau videos found on that service, there are also a few excellent non-album tracks on SoundCloud including a cover of “Be My Baby“.

There is little to glean about their beginnings other than what I have posted. Nevertheless, for those of you that have a fondness and appreciative leaning to Folk, then you’ll be pleased to discover this duo, if you haven’t already.

Listen to “One Wing” from last year’s self-titled EP:

Listen to a new single (“Animal Kingdom”) from their forthcoming new album, That Thing Reality:


By MARowe