Peter-Wolf-Cure-For-LonlinessWhen J. Geils Band hit the world of Rock and Roll with a magnificent display of R&B-infused Blues and Rock, they earned the respect and adoration of many a Rock fan, myself included. By the time they began a larger run on the charts in 1973 with the release of “Give It To Me” from their fourth album, Bloodshot, they were a fixture on many turntables. Definitely, they were a band to witness live. One of the standouts of that talented band was the singer, Peter Wolf.

Peter Wolf was a flashy frontman. Bearded, the usual dark glasses (but not always), and his unique and energetic style of dance made him a favorite to listen to and watch, a fact borne out by his successful solo career after leaving The J. Geils Band back in 1983 due to artistic disagreements. His first album, Lights Out (1984) generated the title track hit. From there, Peter Wolf enjoyed a big hit with “Come As You Are” (1987). Since, Peter Wolf has released seven solo albums, his last being the excellent Midnight Souvenirs from 2010.

On April 8, a brand new album from Peter Wolf will be released. It will be a 12-song affair with nine brand new Wolf tracks. There is also a reworked version of “Love Stinks” in a bluegrass style. There is a co-written track with Don Covay, “It’s Raining”. This song was written and intended as a duet with Bobby Womack, who passed before the duet could be recorded.

The new album is called A Cure For Loneliness. It will be released via Concord Records and will mark Peter Wolf’s eighth solo set.


By MARowe