Rufus Rags To RufusIn the early ’70s, Rock ‘n Roll became familiar with a funk band by the name of Rufus. Rufus featured the stunning vocals of Chaka Khan, who went on to solo fame some years later. Once “Tell Me Something Good” hit the AM Top40 airwaves, the legend was complete. With only their debut ahead of the album containing that Grammy Award-winning hit single, it was easy to catch up. Since that breakthrough album (Rags To Rufus – 1974), the band released nine other albums, with a series of hit singles and another Grammy Award win (and another nomination besides this one) for “Ain’t Nobody” in 1983.

Geffen Records will release new digital remasters for some of the revered Rufus (with Chaka Khan) catalog. These reissues are being sold domestically as Japanese Limited Edition housed in the familiar LP-styled cardboard sleeve. The titles expected include:

  • Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – 1975
  • Rags To Rufus – 1974
  • Ask Rufus – 1977
  • Rufus – 1973
  • Rufusized – 1974

All five Rufus titled are on the calendar for December 18.

By MARowe