Wolfmother - VictoriousTen years ago, the power trio, Wolfmother gained a legion of fans with their excellent debut that gathered comparisons to the great hard rock of the ’70s, like Black Sabbath. The band formed in Australia, and has since released three albums (Wolfmother – 2005, Cosmic Egg – 2009, New Crown – 2014). Their first two albums were brisk sellers, with sales in the millions. With their release of their third set, New Crown, main Wolfmother, Andrew Stockdale opted to go the route of independent release. New Crown was issued first as a digital album via the popular distribution center, Bandcamp.

There has been hints that the band was recording a new album. With a few pieces of information, I’m making a guess that the fourth album from Wolfmother, (looking like it’s being titled Gypsy Caravan OR, perhaps, Victorious) will be released by UMe with a scheduled date set at February 19.

I love Wolfmother, and so I hope that this bit of whispered information holds completely true!

By MARowe