Elton John Wonderful Crazy NightWith the impending release of the next Elton John album, I certainly have my breath held deeply. In the beginning years of EJ’s long and hits-laden career, his style of music was less Pop-oriented than they eventually became. (And that transition was okay because Elton was rockin’ solid!) It goes without saying that I absolutely adore much of his music leading up to Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, which includes the debut of Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection, the phenomenal Madman Across The Water, the even more phenomenal Honky Ch√Ęteau, and the creeping transitional Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player. I emphatically climbed back on board with the melancholic Blue Moves.

It doesn’t matter where you or I stand on Elton John, he’s still a master of song.

On February 5th, Virgin Records will release Elton John‘s 33rd album (!), Wonderful Crazy Night. Judging by the pre-release track, “Looking Up”, I’m pleased to say that this song is filled with strong EJ goodness. It’s a track that can go several ways on the spectrum of your Elton fascination scale. It certainly has a strong production standard.

Wonderful Crazy Night will issue on standard CD, Deluxe CD with 2 bonus tracks, DD, and a vinyl LP set.

Keep your fingers crossed.


By MARowe