Loretta Lynn Van Lear RoseThe history that surrounds Loretta Lynn, a Country star since the early ’60s, when she released her first album, Loretta Lynn Sings (1963) on Decca Records. Since then, she has amassed many successful singles, four Grammy Awards (and a host of other prestigious awards), sixty albums with over 45 million in sales, and around 160 recorded songs. Having lived a difficult life in her youth, its refreshing to see this belle of Country music still doing what she has always done – make great music for her fans.

Jack White of The White Stripes had produced her 2004 Grammy-winning studio album, Van Lear Rose. The album was a massive success, generating unprecedented crossover appeal.

On December 18, Third Man Records will reissue Van Lear Rose with new CD and LP pressings. This is indeed great news for vinyl fans as the original pressings are rare, and, when peddled, command upwards of a hundred dollars regardless (too much) of condition.

If you’re wanting a fresh LP version (or a new CD edition), be sure to be at the gates on December 18.

By MARowe