Carly Simon Songs From The TreesSeveral weeks back, I mentioned the companion album collection of Carly Simon songs meant to sidle up next to Simon’s upcoming autobiography, Boys In The Trees: A Memoir. I knew of a date and a title, but nothing else. Now, I know a bit more including a look at the track-list.

To recap, on November 20, Rhino Records will deliver a 2CD, 31-track set titled Songs From The Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection that will precede the arrival of the book, scheduled for November 24.

Songs From The Trees will offer two CDs with selections drawn from her time with The Simon Sisters, and going up to her 3CD collection Box, Clouds In My Coffee (1995). In addition, this new set will give us two previously unreleased tracks (“Showdown”, “I Can’t Thank You Enough”). Also, I’m very pleased to note the inclusion of “My Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin” from her excellent classic, No Secrets.

Songs From The Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection – Carly Simon


01 – Boys In The Trees
02 – Winken’, Blinkin’ And Nod (The Simon Sisters)
03 – Orpheus
04 – Older Sister
05 – It Was So Easy
06 – Embrace Me, You Child
07 – Hello Big Man
08 – Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)
09 – It Happens Everyday
10 – His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin
11 – I’m All It Takes To Make You Happy
12 – That’s The Way I’ve Always Heard It Should Be
13 – I’ve Got To Have You
14 – Anticipation
15 – Legend In Your Own Time
16 – Three Days


01 – Julie Through The Glass
02 – We Have No Secrets
03 – You’re So Vain
04 – Mind On My Man
05 – Mockingbird
06 – After The Storm
07 – Haunting
08 – In Times When My Head
09 – You Belong To Me
10 – We’re So Close
11 – From The Heart
12 – Come Upstairs
13 – The Right Thing To Do
14 – Showdown (Boys In The Trees outtake, previously unreleased)
15 – I Can’t Thank You Enough (New, previously unreleased)


By MARowe