PrintAs reported here earlier on a Steve Talia offering, Cowboy Junkies would be releasing a new set entitled Notes Falling Slow. And as previously stated, the set would include three newly remastered studio classics that include Open (2001), One Soul Now (2004), and At The End Of Paths Taken (2007). The bonus here is the included disc of songs that were created during the sessions of these listed albums but never brought to fruition (at least well enough for inclusion somewhere).

For Notes Falling Slow, the band re-recorded, and in the process, re-imagined the “lost but not forgotten” tracks. They are finished for this new set that has fans quite excited (including our own Steve Talia). The track list for the bonus CD include “Also One”, “Shrike”, “Morning Cried”, “”Cold Evening Wind”, “So They Say”, “Three Wishes”, “The Slide”, “Done Your Time”, and “IKEA Parking Lot”.

Notes Falling Slow is on the calendar for October 30 via Razor & Tie.

By MARowe