The Wild Poppies CollectionOmnian Music Group will release Heroine: The Complete Wild Poppies Collection (1986-1989) by the New Zealand band, The Wild Poppies. If you haven’t heard of them, they are compared as a crossbreed between The Church, The Rain Parade, and Loop, Spacemen 3, and My Bloody Valentine. And while that’s quite a set of references, one thing is for sure. You’ll appreciate the sound of this under-appreciated band. For older audiences, there is a clear ’60s Pop feel to them. I’d call this a worthy pick-up!

This 20-track set will provide the original 10-track Heroine Album, as well as the 7″ non-album single, “Stare At The Sun”, the four-track EP of Out Of Time (“Out Of Mind”, “The Kiwi Song”, “A Long Way There”, “Colours And Forms”). The rest of this 20-track set for this short-lived band feature demos, B-sides, and others.

The complete collection will provide a booklet with many photos from this short but memorable period, liner notes from band member, Nick Taylor.

This Deluxe Edition of Heroine: The Complete Wild Poppies Collection (1986-1989) is on the calendar for October 30.

One of the more exciting and collectible reissue of this set will be a 100 copy vinyl press of Heroine (expanded) that is available ONLY to the first 100 pre-orders for the 2LP vinyl reissue. It will be pressed on red and green splatter vinyl.

If you’re into the collectible nature of rare vinyl releases, DO NOT DELAY!

And do yourself a favor: listen to the YouTube video embedded above!

The Wild Poppies LP set


Heroine: The Complete Wild Poppies Collection (1986-1989) – The Wild Poppies

Original Album:
01. What Is Mine
02. Colourdrift
03. I Don’t Need You
04. Walkabout
05. Canon Over A Grey Sea
06. Here Nor There
07. Fearless Man
08. This Person
09. Talking To Myself Again
10. Introduction
Bonus Tracks:
11. Where Is Wellington?
12. Stare At The Sun (non-album 7″ single)
13. Out Of Mind (from Out Of Time EP)
14. The Kiwi Song (from Out Of Time EP)
15. A Long Way There (from Out Of Time EP)
16. Colours and Forms (from Out Of Time EP)
17. Subconsciousness
18. Islands
19. The Last Thing
20. The D Song

By MARowe