Billy Cobham The Atlantic Years 1973 1978 8CD BoxIf you’ve listened to the Jazz/Rock Fusion band, Mahavishnu Orchestra, then you know that not only did John McLaughlin come from their ranks, so did Billy Cobham (and Jan Hammer). After stints with Miles Davis, and Mahavishnu Orchestra, Billy Cobham soon rose to the top of the Jazz charts on his own merit. His first solo effort, Spectrum, was released in 1973, when it immediately charted number 1 on the Billboard Jazz charts, and a respectable 26 on the Billboard 200. Of course, back then, I didn’t know any of that other than it was Billy Cobham, a great drummer from Mahavishnu Orchestra, whose drumming I was immensely appreciative of.  From there, it was a a successful string of classic Jazz-infused music that was difficult to ignore.

On September 25, Atlantic will issue an 8CD Box set of Billy Cobham music as released by the label. The titles will include Spectrum (1973), Crosswinds (1974), Total Eclipse (1974), Shabazz (Live – 1974), A Funky Thide Of Sings (1975), Life & Times (1976), “Live” On Tour In Europe (1976), and Inner Conflicts (1978). The Box will feature in a clamshell set, and will present the CDs in individual mini-LP carboard housing. To add to the set, there will be a 60-page booklet with photos, essay, and credits, among other things. The Box is called The Atlantic Years 1973-1978.

All of the music on these albums are newly remastered, making this box for Billy Cobham fans a serious moment of “Should I?” Included in the music selections will be a small collection of unreleased material as well as singles.


By MARowe