Last year’s Steven Wilson remix of A Passion Play (Jethro Tull) will be getting an added flavor of release for people who really don’t want the whole Super Deluxe set. That Super Deluxe Edition is comprised of content rich 2CD/2DVD (the contents of that can be read here). However, it is now announced that the remixed album itself will be made available as a breakout set on CD. Good news for the fan that wants the album for the album’s sake.

The 1CD breakout edition of A Passion Play is scheduled by Rhino/Parlophone for June 30.

JT A Passion Play

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “The Wilson Remix Of A Passion Play (Jethro Tull) To Made Available As Single CD”
  1. Hey Matt,

    Just confused by one thing in this post. You said ‘upcoming remix’. Steven Wilson’s remix was released last year. I have the super deluxe edition. Did he do another one or is the upcoming release a distillation of the existing release?

    Unlike a lot of Tull fans, Passion Play is my favorite of all their albums.


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