Between October 15 and October 31 of 1987, The Jerry Garcia Band, staged an ambitious two-week set of Broadway shows at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre (still in existence and doing great service) in NYC. With an avalanche of songs, incredible experiences, and pure Jerry Garcia magic, these shows have already found their way on sets in one way or another. (For more information on these sets of shows, one would need to talk with Lindsay Planer, who is a part of the MusicTAP family. Other than those involved, there are no one more knowledgeable of these shows – or anything Dead-related – than he! He is matchless.)JGB at Lunt Fontanne (2)

On June 23, ATO Records will release a 3CD set featuring the music from the October 28 show, First Act. The album is officially titled On Broadway: Act One – October 28th, 1987 [Live at Lunt-Fontanne Theater, New York, NY/1987]. In each show, Garcia would play two sets. The first would be an acoustic show. The second would be an electric Jerry Garcia Band set.

At this time, there is no track-list available that I can provide for you, nor any official cover artwork. But as it becomes available, I will update this post with the new stuff.


By MARowe

4 thoughts on “3CD Jerry Garcia Band On Broadway: Act One – October 28,1987 Planned For June”
  1. Isn’t this a re-release of some of the material from the “Pure Jerry” 2 volume 7 disc set that covers that event in late October 1987?

  2. Hi Matt – I rec’d my Jerry Garcia release info from the JGStore today. So all the info and set list is posted. Thanks and keep up the great work you do!

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