Roger Waters Amused To DeathIt seems as if we have waited forever for the promise of Amused To Death by Roger Waters on SACD (it’s still in the plans). But just as we might have been giving up some hope, Sony comes around with a magnificent plan to reissue the solo classic from 1992 in a variety of upgrades that include 5.1 remixes and Blu-ray Audio discs, 200g vinyl 2LP, and a variety of DD availability.

On July 24, Legacy Recordings will reissue Amused To Death with a 5.1 remix, and Stereo remaster by James Guthrie. The availability will include standard CD, a CD/BD-Audio Deluxe Edition (with the 5.1 Surround mix), 2LP (black vinyl), 2LP (Limited Edition picture), and DD.

The sets will come with new artwork, no doubt an expansive booklet (lyrics, pictures, notes), and perhaps even more.

Roger Waters Amused To Death New CD


By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Legacy Recordings To Reissue Roger Waters Solo Classic, Amused To Death, In July”
  1. This fantastic album has been long overlooked. It also has always screamed for a 5.1 mix. It was up for an SACD release a while back but then was pulled. Now, finally, after all these years we get the edition it deserves. If you are a Pink Floyd fan you need to grab this.

  2. after this news broke I revisited by original order for the SACD, June of 2013!
    My old Amazon order no longer links to a real product; but it hasn’t been canceled either. I wonder what the highest number of pre-orders is for any release?

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