Faith No More The Real ThingRhino Records have a 2CD Deluxe Edition of The Real Thing, the third studio album by Faith No More, and the first to feature Mike Patton as singer. The Real Thing was released by longtime label, Slash Records. The album was the first to sell Platinum for for the band. It was nominated for a Grammy (Best Metal Performance), and the single, “Epic”, was nominated for a Grammy as well (Best Hard Rock Performance). With the new Faith No More album arriving in May (Sol Invictus – May 18 (UK), May 19 (US)), it seems a good time to revisit the album that launched the band into the upper reaches.

Angel Dust, their fourth album, followed in 1992. It landed on many Best Album Of The Year lists, further promoting Faith No More as a band to be paid attention to.

On June 2, Rhino, in conjunction with Slash Records will reissue The Real well as Angel Dust. There is little to go on for the time being as to what these 2CD Deluxe Editions will offer, but when I get more information, I’ll be sure to update this post.

Faith No More Angel Dust


By MARowe