The Sounds WeekendIn listening – once again – to the 2013 release of Weekend by the Swedish band, The Sounds, I, once again, find myself pleased with their Pop/Rock compositions. Moreover, their ability to play it in perfection, as they do, simply makes me anxious for anything they may have planned for the next year.

Previously, Something To Die For from 2011 was a grand production, especially the closer track, “Wish You Were Here”. And while that closer track is a song worth revisiting for its simplistic ode to breakup in a ballad setting, the whole album is a keeper. The same is said about their fantastic debut from 2001 (Living In America), the sophomore release (Dying To Say This To You) in 2006, and its followup, Crossing The Rubicon in 2009. The energies of those three albums recall the energies of The Runaways. But with Something To Die For, The Sounds took on a higher ground. That maturation continues with Weekend.

On Weekend, The Sounds, who employ the great vocals of Maja Ivarsson, along with the excellent band of musicians that complete the lineup, opens with “Shake, Shake, Shake”. Their New Wave-styled alternative heartbeat is immediately evident and carries crashing into the next song, “Take It The Wrong Way”, highlighting the band’s dedication to crafting excellent music.

I always have favorites in every album. On Weekend, those include “Too Young To Die”, “Great Day” as well as the previously mentioned songs. Weekend is a good bet for Pop/Rock music. But The Sounds are a finely tuned band that just keeps getting better.

Release Date: October 29, 2013
Label: Ingrooves Records
Website – Official
Availability: (CD, DD, LP)

By MARowe

2 thoughts on “Review: Weekend – The Sounds”
  1. I’ve got all of their CDs and I love ’em! I first heard of them on Last Call with Carson Daly. I went right out and bought both “Dying To Say This To You” and “Living In America.” I have purchased each following album as they came out. Great band!

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