Venus And MarsFans of Paul McCartney have been quite lucky with the continuing Hear Music remastering and expansion of all of the catalog titles from Macca and his band, Wings. Previously, fans have gotten their hands on excellent Deluxe Editions of Band On the Run (available in a suite of purchase choices, depending on the depth of your love), Ram, McCartney, McCartney II, and Wings Over America. And those have been great releases.

Hear Music have posted minimally informed links in the UK site of Amazon for the next in the restoration series of The McCartney Archive Collection. Of course, it is no secret that the next revisited sets would be Venus And Mars, the 1975 follow-up to Band On the Run (1973), and At The Speed Of Sound (1976). Both albums would continue to explore what McCartney had in stock, each with their own run of successful singles that would keep both albums on the top of worldwide charts for their natural span.

On September 24 (UK market), Hear Music will reissue both Venus And Mars, and At The Speed Of Sound in several styles of reissues that include a 2CD set, as well as a boxed version, and likely LP sets as well. While the news is still young, with little details available, fans can start setting their pennies aside for the level of acquisition(s) that will please them.

While no US dates have been noted, it is most assuredly the standard day after the UK date. Even so, if the dates dramatically differ, these titles WILL appear in the US markets, as well as other markets. Stay in touch!

Wings At The Speed Of Sound

Soon, the missing titles will be available as well.

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4 thoughts on “Venus And Mars, At The Speed Of Sound (McCartney) For September (UK Report)”
  1. Can’t wait for the details. Vamp;M ranks up there with BOTR and Ram for me.
    I was beginning to wonder if they’d given up with the re-issues after Wings Over America. It’s been a while and there hasn’t been any news.

    Cool news.

    1. The details are now available. I’m going to update when I get back. But The Second Disc, and Super Deluxe Edition have the details up already.

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