Verve Records will release Tracks Of My Years by Bryan Adams on September 9. The new studio effort will be largely cover tracks, but will sport an original track as well.

Frontiers Records will release a live set from Dennis DeYoung of Styx fame on October 21. The album will be called Live In Los Angeles.

Hear Music will reissue the live set, One Man Band (2007) by James Taylor scheduling the set for August 25.

Taylor One Man Band

Frontiers Records have scheduled The Stories We Could Tell by Mr. Big for September 23.


Capitol Records will release DIGITAL HD remasters for two Canned Heat titles that include Boogie With Canned Heat, and Living The Blues on August 5. In addition, there will be six Frank Sinatra titles that include A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra, Come Fly With Me, In The Wee Small Hours, Moonlight Sinatra, Sinatra And Swingin’ Brass, and This Is Sinatra!. Those Sinatra titles are also planned for August 5. More digital HD remasters include two from Quicksilver Messenger Service, the self titled set, and Happy Trails.

Marvin Gaye Live

More digital HD transfers include four from Motown. Those include the August 5 HD remaster of Live At the London Palladium by Marvin Gaye, and the July 29 reissues of three Stevie Wonder classics, In Square Circle, Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants, and Woman In Red.

Stevie Wonder In Square Circle

All titles will be remastered in 192k/24-bit, and 96k/24-bit files.

Island Records will release the upcoming EP from Shawn Mendes on August 12.

Shawn Mendes EP

Capitol Records will release several formats for the upcoming Counting Crows album, Somewhere Under Wonderland. The set is expected on September 2 for LP, CD, and CD Deluxe Edition (with two bonus demo tracks).

Counting CrowsSomewhere Under Wonderland

Elektra Records will reissue Hejira, the 1976 album from Joni Mitchell, on vinyl LP, scheduling for September 23.

Finally, Cleopatra Records will release Friends by Carmine Appice and Jim Bogert, on August 19.


By MARowe

8 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 07/18/2014 (US Report)”
  1. Friends album, by Carmine Appice and Jim Bogert, I believe his name is Tim not Jim.

  2. Stevie Wonder’s Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants, In A Square Circle amp; Woman in Red “classics”? Really? Stevie Wonder ranks very high in my list of all-time top artists. But I think you’re setting the bar much too low. Wonder’s incredible run of classics ended, unfortunately, with Songs In The Key Life. Mediocre albums by once-great artists do not automatically become classics by virtue of being 30 years old. Sorry if that comes off as harsh. But Wonder is one of my favorites, and aside from a couple of songs from Hotter Than July and his soundtrack for Jungle Fever, I’ve been disappointed in nearly everything he’s done since 1976.

    1. Not harsh by any stretch, Matt. I do agree that earlier works are the ones to match. And while these noted issues are not classic in the sense of those earlier strings of brilliance, they are, to some people, beautiful works from a classic artist. It could be argued that Wonder’ very early albums, while pushing out hits, were not “classic” in the way of Songs In The Key of Life, Talking Book, or Innervisions. But they still mean something to other people who look at the musical expansion of any artist as pleasing.

      Myself, I’m immediately critical of U2 after Unforgettable Fire, and am just now liking Joshua Tree to the same degree. And yet, many would argue with me about ANY post Unforgettable Fire issues.

      I always choose to tread lightly, never stepping on the toes of serious fans who’s in love with an artist and their works, no matter how much I may disagree.

  3. Hi Matt

    I’ve downloaded digital only lps from independent artist sites before but I have no idea how I would doi it or from where for the capitol quicksilver releases.
    Could you tell me what would be the best way to go about that?

    1. Bob, that’s a very good question. My first thought is HDTracks. However, that may not be correct. I’ll send an email with that question.

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