Jellyfish Spilt MilkI think it might be safe to mention this release by now (I think).

Jellyfish was a band from San Francisco that entertained with their Power Pop style. And although they were s short-lived band, they left behind a world of goodness over two excellent long-players that include Bellybutton (1990), and Spilt Milk from 1993. And if you have heard any of them, you probably enjoy them a lot.

On August 25, Omnivore Records will release 2CD remastered Deluxe Editions of Bellybutton, and  Jellyfish Presents Spilt Milk.

Spilt Milk will contain on the first CD, the remastered original twelve tracks, tacking on six demo tracks. The second disc will delight with a collection of eleven more demo tracks, augmented with seven live tracks, and cherry-topped with “Think About Your Troubles”, and “Fan Club Message”.

The set will be released in digipak housing, and will include a booklet that features a booklet with photos, memorabilia, a new essay by Ken Sharp, and track-by-track commentaries of the original tracks by band members, Andy Sturmer, and Joseph Manning, Jr.

On Bellybutton, the first CD will feature the remastered original ten-track album, and completed with ten live performance tracks.  The second disc will include a whopping 16 demo tracks.  Like Spilt Milk, the digipak Deluxe Edition of Bellybutton will feature a booklet with photos, memorabilia, an essay by Ken Sharp, and track-by-track commentaries of the original album by Sturmer, and Manning.

Jellyfish Bellybutton

If you love great Power Pop like the kind that Cheap Trick, Queen, and other excellent Power Pop band of the ’70s, and ’80s presented to you, and you do not know Jellyfish, they are worth your discovery time. Absolutely worth the time!

By MARowe

9 thoughts on “Spilt Milk, Bellybutton From Jellyfish To Be Reissued In 2CD Deluxe Edition Remasters In August”
  1. It sounds like these are all just the boxed set tracks being repurposed. Am I seeing that correctly?

  2. I really enjoy both of the Jellyfish albums. I look forward to these reissues – I thought they had been completely forgotten about.

  3. The additional material, as I assume everyone knows by now, probably won’t offer anything that wasn’t already on the Fan Club box. I’m curious how they could improve the original mastering, though. Assuming these are analog recordings, it would be nice if they offered the tracks in 24/192.

  4. For me the best part of this reissue is NOT the extra tracks…its that they spent the time and money and REmastered these two albums. THATS worth the price alone. Add the fact they are also tossing in extra tracks that may be already previously released….well that’s just having my cake and eating it. Anyone complaining about this reissue is simply crying over spilt milk!!

  5. The reissues never happened!?! What’s the deal at Omnivore – why didn’t they release them?

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